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Reimagining agriculture with our vision.

We are a team of passionate people whose mission is to digitally enable every aspect of farming to create a positive impact in the lives of ~300 million Indian farmers and agri workers.

Our app tailored to your needs.


Language localisation

Providing support for multiple languages spoken in different regions of India to ensure that farmers can easily understand and navigate the app in their preferred language.


Crop and region specificity

Tailored to specific crops grown in different regions of India, taking into account local agricultural practices and conditions.


Accessible device support

Ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices commonly used by Indian farmers, including smartphones, feature phones, or tablets, considering variations in operating systems, screen sizes.

Our platforms.

Use JioKrishi through web, or on your Android mobile device to access the data driven

smart farming experience.


One app for every farming needs.

Download JioKrishi and enjoy all the farming related services in just one app.

Need guidance?

We'd love to help you.